Know Your Home’s Worth!

Selling a home isn’t easy.  There are many things to consider and so many moving parts.  A part of understanding the home selling process is understanding the different types of values associated with a home.  Here are some common terms used in the home selling process

Market Value: The price a willing and reasonable buyer would pay for a property to a willing and reasonable seller.

Appraisal Value – An evaluation of the property’s worth.  This is done by a professional appraiser and used in the underwriting process by the lender.

Assessed Value – Set by local and state government.  Used as a basis for property tax assessment.

Comparative Market Analysis – Also known as “Comps” or “CMA.”  An analysis performed to understand the prices of homes sold in the surrounding area.  This is done by a licensed RE Broker and used when determining a home’s listing price.

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Image: Craftsman

Source: My Secret Wealth of Information for Any Seller | By: Vanessa Kee | Published by Authorify Publishing | Copyright 2022 Authorify Publishing